The forum is aimed at:

Combining the society efforts to increase the effectiveness of the use of Ukraine's space potential for the fulfillment of the actual tasks of social and economic, ecological, informational, scientific, educational, national-patriotic and cultural development of the society; ensuring the realization of the state interests in the sphere of national security; attracting the attention of the creative youth to the study of space as well as involvingit into the space research; popularizing the knowledge about space and space technology, the possibility of their practical application in various spheres of the society activity.

Principle Issues of the Forum:

Promotion of wide audience interest to the questions of cosmic space and space technology, greater access of Ukrainian citizenry to contemporary information technologies (systems of remote sounding of the Earth, coordinate and navigational support).

Introduction of enterprises, institutions, organizations and educational institutions working in the space area of Ukraine and networking between them.

Discussion of topical issues and contemporary trends of space technology development as well as the possibilities of utilizing space technologies in different spheres of life-sustaining activity of the society.

Estimation of perspectives for scientific research in forecasting and controlling global environmental changes and application of space scientific research results and remote Earth sounding in the sphere of state and regional social and economic management of the country’s development.

Determination of trends for scientific, educational and cultural space projects implementation within the frames of international programmes.

To support and facilitate the growth of international image of Ukraine as a highly technological state in the scientific sphere.

Framework of the Event:

Formal Opening Sitting


Thematic Exhibition “Man and Space”


Discussion “Interdepartmental Interaction on Space Activity Implementation in Ukraine”.


Music Festival “ Under Lyre Constellation”.


Regional Forum Request for Registration


State Space
Agency of Ukraine


Serhii Pavlovych Koroliov Museum of Cosmonautics

Zhytomyr National Agroecological University

Zhytomyr Regional Council

Zhytomyr Regional State Administration

Serhii Pavlovych Koroliov Military Institute

Zhytomyr City Council


Serhii Pavlovych Koroliov Museum of Cosmonautics

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tel: (097) 608-94-03

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